KEDGE Bachelor is a three-year specialised programme of the triple accredited French business school and grande école : KEDGE Business School 

KEDGE Bachelor in Management is a generalist bachelor covered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This official recognition is known as «the Visa». This programme allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management, to live abroad for 6 months and to benefit from field experience upon graduation.





Learning by doing Pro-Act pedagogy Learning by doing is at the heart of the pedagogical system. Therefore KEDGE BS has set up and developed the Pro-Act pedagogy (PROjet ACTion). On all the Group’s campuses, the pedagogical teams support students’ projects. In this way, they acquire quasi-professional experience and strengthen their employability.



One compulsory semester abroad (internship or university exchange), Full-English course possible from semester 3.



KEDGE Bachelor’s degree is a practical programme and focuses on professional experience.

  • 2nd year: compulsory 6-month expatriation: 90% of our student choose to carry out an internship abroad, and some students decide to do an exchange in one of the school’s partner universities
  • 3rd year: the end-of-study internship or apprenticeship. It can be carried out in France or abroad.


At the end of the course, it is possible to continue with a master’s degree (80% of students do so) or to enter the professional world. Thanks to a personalised follow-up, students build a future that suits them.


1ST YEAR : Fundamentals of management

This year is dedicated to learning the fundamentals of management and management skills. The programme also includes an English language  course.

Semester 1

Fundamentals of accounting, Quantitative Methods, Fundamentals of Marketing, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Business Law, Business and Leadership 1, Introduction to Business English, Business simulation

Semester 2

Management accounting, International Trade and Global Supply Chain, Project Management, Corporate Law, Enterprise and Leadership 2, Operational Marketing, Business English and test preparation, 1st year Be-U workshop, LV2

2ND YEAR: Professional and international openness

Professional and international openness. The modules are available in English, on the Bordeaux and Marseille campuses.

Semester 3

Financial management, Management accounting, Sales techniques, Business sustainability and globalisation, HR and team management, Management information systems, Business and leadership, Working or Studying Abroad English, LV2, Be-U workshop 2nd year

Semester 4

A 6-month international internship OR a 6-month academic exchange in a partner university

3RD YEAR: professional project & specialisation

This last year is dedicated to the professional project and proposes to choose a trade specialisation.  Students are offered the opportunity to complete the 3rd year on a work-study.

Semester 5

COMMON COURSE : Business Strategy and Diagnosis, Business Simulation,   Introduction to Applied Research, Be-U workshop, Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Data science, LV2, Integration in the company

SPECIALISATIONS : The student can choose in between 20 specialisations on 7 campuses. In Bayonne we offer two specialities: « International Business development » or «Marketing & Communication»

Semester 6

End-of-study internship in France or abroad: 20 weeks minimum




At KEDGE, internships are a mandatory part of the students’ curriculum. It means that every student is required to complete one or several internships throughout its studies, at specific periods during the year.  The internship must accelerate progress in a foreign language to achieve the requisite level needed to gain the Diploma. This international framework is essential for all graduates, both in terms of recruitment and the pursuit of master studies.​


Duration / period

2nd year internship: From January to August for 4 to 6 months. (the internship must start the 28th of February at latest)

3rd Year internship : From January to August for 5 to 6 months  

The Internship supervision/ follow up

Bayonne’s campus is a small campus and therefore we are able to give a really personalized and special educational and professional support to both our students and our partners.

  • English/French Internship agreement provided
  • Easy Contact with the school
  • Tutor at the school appointed to each student
  • 1 Mid internship Assessment
  • Final assessment: where the grade giving by the enterprise tutor will count for 50% of the final grade :
    • Assessment of professional skills
    • Assessment of behaviour and student’s contribution to the company
  • Final report to be written in English by the student

The Internship guidelines

The purpose of the internship is to enable students to try out, at the company, the professional project they designed during the course. Long-term immersion will speed up the professional application of the student’s academic training and serve as a passport to employment, which is needed to join a company or facilitate a creative project.

The assignments must be consistent with the student’s professional project and the chosen course. This work experience takes place under the direct supervision of a manager at the host company and an academic mentor.

The assignment must include the use of the following skills:

  • Understand and analyse modes of professional functioning and scenarios
  • Display your ability to behave independently and to work within an organisation
  • Prove that know-how was acquired through concrete skills
  • Present goals and achievements
  • Submit a strategic reflection and operational recommendations



Having an intern is an experience that could benefit from both the rewarding experience of passing on knowledge and employing a motivated student with a high capacity for work and adaptability.

Please do not hesitate to  contact our KEDGE BS campus of Bayonne international manager Jessica JOYAU /  / + 33 (0) 789 288 114

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  • Human Scale Campus
  • Personalized educational support
  • Close internships follow up
  • Easy contact and exchange between enterprise and school referent.

Admission criteria

High school diploma, Baccalaureate or equivalent to A levels. Excellent academic results, strong motivation and a good level in English. 18 years old or over by the programme start date.

A favourable surrounding

Located in between Bayonne and Biarritz, the campus offers an outstanding natural setting to live and study.

The campus

Three levels of facilities with Wifi access. A library and computer laboratory. A10 minutes’ drive from the Biarritz Parme international airport and 5 minutes from the Bayonne train station.


The Basque country offers numerous licensed sport clubs, professional or amateur (surf, rugby, golf, hockey, rowing, football, beach volley…).