KEDGE Bachelor Bayonne’s educational approach enables every student to enhance his or her individuality thanks to highly interactive teaching methods.

Kedge Bachelor in Management is a generalist bachelor covered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This programme allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management, to live abroad for 6 months and to benefit from field experience upon graduation.

KEDGE BS adresses the challenges of globalization, digital technologies and emerging countries thanks to the worldwide impact of its research in management, its educational innovation and its commitment to corporate social responsibility. KEDGE Bachelor programme is recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This official recognition is known as «the Visa». Since 2015, KEDGE BS’ programme is classified the 1st best Bachelor in France  (according to « Le Figaro » and « le Parisien Étudiant » newspapers).

Professional experience in France and abroad is at the core of our business school. We propose many opportunities for personal and professional development through engagement in work internships and business assignments. As a major regional player in a globalized world, our missions are both to enhance the employability of our students by developing their knowledge in business and management, and to contribute to the territorial and regional economic future by mobilizing our networks and area of expertise.

Our main values are : commitment and responsibility, honesty and integrity, teamwork and solidarity, openness to the world and others.

Would you like to entrust missions within your company to one of our students? Please complete the online form. We are committed to presenting you, as soon as possible, the student best able to carry them out. In the second year, our students only do international internships



From September to June over three academic years

At the end of year 2 and year 3, students are required to complete an internship from January till June (at least one abroad).


Mastering management fundamentals

  • Global knowledge of the company (economy, globalization, company social responsibility, finance, strategic marketing, project management, …)
  • Corporate studies realised concerning all types of activities, in all kinds of companies
  • Personal development
  • Focus on English and Spanish linguistic skills to become trilingual


International challenge : an internship

  • International approach of the company with 30% of the courses in English
  • Four to six month internship in a company abroad
  • Opportunity for foreign students to study at BORDEAUX or BAYONNE – BIARRITZ campus


Defining a professional project and specializing

  • Year of specialization in E-business, management and strategy
  • At least five month-internship in a company in France or abroad


KEDGE BS  in brief 

  • 1st French Management school on the Bachelor programme since 2015
  • 7 campus in EUROPE : PARIS, BORDEAUX, MARSEILLE, TOULON with 3 partner campuses in AVIGNON (South-East of France), BASTIA (Corsica) and BAYONNE-BIARRITZ
  • 2 campus in CHINA : SUZHOU & SHANGHAI
  • 14 800  students (23% international)
  • 183 permanent faculty members (41% international)
  • 282 academic partners
  • 70.000 alumni worldwide

Companies at the core of our educational programme

Companies involved in education is obvioulsy a key benefit for every students. KEDGE Bachelor includes mandatory internships and missions representing 4 to 6 months of professional experience abroad. The school is a bridge between the education world and the business world.

To ensure the future employability of every student, the courses are rooted in the reality of the job market and develops the skills required by French and International companies.


The objectives

The international internship during the 2nd or the 3rd year must take place in a foreign country (francophone countries and countries at risk will not be accepted). It enables the student to take part in professional assignments in an international and cross-cultural environment. The internship must accelerate progress in a foreign language in order to achieve the requisite level needed to gain the Diploma. This international framework is essential for all graduates, both in terms of recruitment or the pursuit of master studies.

The Duration

Professional assignment from 4 to 6 months;

Are you ready to take on a French intern to benefit from both the rewarding experience of passing on knowledge and employing a motivated student with a high capacity for work and adaptability?

Please contact our KEDGE BS campus of Bayonne international manager Jessica JOYAU / / + 33 (0) 789 288 114

The Supervision


After a month in the company, the student should be able to evaluate the host company on various aspects: welcome, induction, work satisfaction, global satisfaction.

To the same extent, the host company will also fill in a questionnaire on the student’s performances after a month with the company: capacity to integrate, motivations, behaviour, skills.


– Assessment of professional skills
– Assessment of behaviour and student’s contribution to the company

In order to permit this assessment, students must submit an internship report in ENGLISH. The internship report represents a detailed account of the task to be carried out within the company. The student will need to provide comprehensive, pertinent and professional comments on the progress in carrying out his/her task. The report should be presented and organized in a clear and concise way.

The report should analyze and enhance the student’s proper professional and cross-cultural experience. An international experience must lead to an in-depth, structured reflection on the part of the student in regard to conditions, results and personal enrichment that such a stay abroad offers, whether this be as part of an internship, academic semester or double degree program in a foreign country.

This reflection can be built around benefits such as but not limited to: open-mindedness, curiosity, mixing of cultures, adaptability, discovering new work methods, learning a different culture, linguistic fluency…


Admission criteria

High school diploma, Baccalaureate or equivalent to A levels. Excellent academic results, strong motivation and a good level in English. 18 years old or over by the programme start date.

A favorable surrounding

Located in between Bayonne and Biarritz, the campus offers an outstanding natural setting to live and study.

The campus

Three levels of facilities with Wifi access. A library and computer laboratory. A10 minutes drive from the Biarritz Parme international airport and 5 minutes from the Bayonne train station.


The basque country offers numerous licensed sport clubs, professional or amateur (surf, rugby, golf, hockey, rowing, football, beach volley…).