Extrait des évaluations stages internationaux (in English)

  • « I am very generally satisfied of Anaelle work here. She handled new situation in a very good way. Great adaptation skills. »
  • « Juliette was doing very well. She is a good listener and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions. She was very helpful and willing to help the team and to contribute to the smooth running of the work in the office. »
  • « Marin was skilled and helpful beyond expectations. He fitted well in the studio/office life. »
  • « One word, exceptional, there are no other word to describe Elie, his mannerisms, work ethic, and general outlook of every aspect of life, is a breath of fresh air, if only all students were like Elie the world would be a better place, he is a true asset to KEDGE and anyone will employ him in the future. »
  • « Lucas was a fantastic intern, very professional, reliable and dependable, he had a very positive attitude and the quality of his work was consistantly excellent, he integrated very well into our office. »
  • « We are exremely pleased with the work that Adrien has produced at Campion Insurance, he has shown that he is a hard worker adn is keen to always produce to the highest quality, it has been a pleasure working with him. »