International Seminar 2022

16 septembre 2022

🌍 The traditional International Seminar took place on September 13,14 & 15. 🌍


As every year, the 2nd Year students of the KEDGE Bachelor in Bayonne’s campus took part in the international seminar which is the kick off for their internship abroad preparation.

During this seminar, the students took part in several thematic workshops in order to best prepare themselves for an internship abroad. The seminar was dedicated on preparing their application tools ( CV/Cover Letter , Interviews), their practical questions and their international project.

Students were also able to attend several « Country » Workshops during which former students came to talk about their experience and partners came to present some Visa Information.

🇺🇸 Many thanks to Clara ROQUETTE and Hugo BORDE BAYLACQ who participated in the USA workshop and shared their respective experiences within Modern Luxury in Atlanta and within Balec company in Los Angeles. Those presentations were followed by a webinar on « How to obtain a J-1 Visa for the USA » hosted by Andrew and Rihanna of FACC – NY 🇺🇸

During the Northern Europe workshop, 🇮🇪 Tom Porcelli and Mathias Lacamoire 🇮🇪 spoke about their experience in Dublin where they carried out their internships within abbey group company, and Louna CLAVE talked about her experience in 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇩🇰 where she did her internship within the company .  

After that the students had a webinar about how to obtain a GAE Visa in order to go carry out an internship in the UK with @Bunac


📅 On the Wednesday afternoon they had the chance to listen to former students’ captivating stories:

🙏 A big thanks to the following students for their presentations and time 🙏:

🇿🇦 Hugo Retailleau & Lucas Charles for their feedback about their experience at Mentally Fit in Cap Town 🇿🇦

🇦🇺 Gabriel Gayraud for his feedback on his experience at Cotral in Melbourne 🇦🇺

 🇵🇹 Thomas Guerra & Paul Ganchou for their feedback on their experience at Sanpal recruitment in Lisbon 🇵🇹

🇨🇿 Erwan Berlan for his feedback on his experience within AB InBev in Prague 🇨🇿

🇳🇱 Brieg Darcel for his feedback about his experience at Looper in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

🇵🇱 Paul Dargelos for his feedback on his experience at Viva drive in Warsaw🇵🇱

🇰🇷 Clemence Berges for her feedback on her experience at LGB – Luxury Business Group in Seoul 🇰🇷

🇹🇭 Paul Mettetal for his feedback on his experience at Twinpalms Phuket Resort in Phuket 🇹🇭


🏆 Finally, during these 3 days the students had to take on “challenges” which focused on their knowledge of the necessary steps to take before going abroad but also on the quality of their application tools in English. 🏆

3 teams of around twenty students were in competition for 3 challenges.

🏅 Team 2 were the winners and they received as a first prize, tickets to watch a hockey Game.  🏅

👏🙏Congratulations to all the students for their rich contribution to this seminar. We wish them the best of luck in their International internship research and preparations to go abroad from January 2023. 👏🙏

A big thank you to all the speakers and to Kate BRITCH and Emma POURTAU for helping with the organisation of the seminar and for leading different workshops.

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