Evaluation des stagiaires à l’international

10 avril 2017

A mi chemin des 4 à 6 mois de stage  à l’étranger, les entreprises d’accueil, des 4 coins de la planète, nous ont retourné les évaluations des stagiaires KEDGE Bachelor Bayonne. En voici quelques extraits qui font la fierté de toute l’équipe pédagogique …

Irlande : « Luka is an intelligent, friendly, a very hard working intern. He is a pleasure to work with and is a credit to KEDGE BS. I would have no hesitation in hiring Luka on a permanent basis, should he decide to move to Ireland on completion of his studies ».

Afrique du Sud : « Louison is an excellent intern, she learns quickly, gets on well with all the staff and guests. We enjoy having her ».

Malte : « Julien’s overall performance, clearly reflects his ambitions to move forward with his overall studies. His ability to learn different skills and adapt to new environment made it more easier to perform at the Archbishop’s Seminary. His professionalism and contribution in tackling issues was an assets to the Seminary in the past weeks, and he proved to be an ideal candidate ».

Royaume Uni (Londres) : « Ioritz has proven himself to be a great element to the team, he has been very attentive to every last given tasks. We are very pleased with his work and can-do attitude. So far he has shown great motivation and determination, well done to him! »

Etats-Unis : « Marie is very responsive to the company’s needs and has been able to adapt herself and improve her skills very easily. She is well organised and is working on her priorities organisation : this should be her best improvement… »

Australie : « Norman is a flexible teammate who adapts with a new position and projects easily. I am happy having him in my team ».

Espagne : « Actitud muy positiva da Paula y muy buena disposicion le gusta trabajar en equipo ».

Royaume Unis (Brighton) : « Maxime is currently doing well in his position. He has a natural charm that is well suited to a profession in hospitality. We would like to see him develop his creative side and are confident that with our guidance and supervision he will undoubtedly develop in this area ».

Bali : « Indhi has fitted into our team very well in his first month within the placement. He has been very open and willing to learn new skills and has developed his understanding of our business products in libe with our expectations. He has been involved in a number of different tasks from customer services and general retail assisting with pop up stire events ans activations at both the customer and set up and planning stages. We look forward to him getting involved with further aspects of the business over the coming month including social media and marketing aspects ».