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Extraits d’évaluation de stage des étudiants de 2ème année par leurs tuteurs en entreprise en France et à l’étranger


« Manon has performed very well so far with us, she is very eager to learn and very motivated to do well. She has applied herself well to all tasks given to her and completed thel to a very high standard, She gets on very well with the team and has a very positive attitude. She remains calm under pressure and is very adaptive to change ».


« Tiffani is a very friendly and nice student who is ocvercoming the challenges of working in a new environment with a foreign language slowly but steadily. She knows where her weakness are and is working on improving those ».


« We have been very impressed with Théo’s attitude to our wok environment. His ability it take initiative and to also ask for support when he needs it. We only need to show Théo on ce and he listens carefully and gets the tasks done. He is settling in well in the organization and to Irish culture and he seems happy. We are very happy with Théo and his work ethic and willingness to learn, work on his own and aslo as part of our team »,


« Bonne intégration de Giovanny dans l’équipe KAPPA. Envie de bien faire, omniprésente. Bonne capacité à s’adapter et s’organiser. Il reste des choses à améliorer. Prise en main d’un groupe seul. Très bon début de stage. Top! »


« We have found Nicolas to be the most industrious, diligent, professional about his functions, duties and tasks. He is improving competencies in marketing, presentations, social media & English language. He is very cooperative. Tries very hard with his tasks and missions .He has been a wonderful addition to our team ».


« Marion proved to be a precise, responsible person, who was able to perform in a predictable and stable way on a consistent level. Regarding her communication skills, it is positive that she is able to put real arguments on the table with reasoning. Marion was able to work effectively in teams, thus her work capacity was higly valued. Marion proved to be critical, which affected in a very detailed plan analyzing the website of EuCham, suggestions way to improve it. All in all we were satisfied with Marion also with her personal attributes and professional skill and wish her a bright future!


« Chloe is basically doing internship in Front Office, due to the number of French guest quite a lot especially we have a French Tour Operator called “KAPPA” that mainly for French market, Chloe is involved in Guest Relation activities. She was also involved in solving minor problem, assist our assistance Manager especially with the language.  Welcome French Guest upon arrival and organize the induction to the hotel facilities, and offer assistance when required until guests departure. She learned how to use OPERA for various purposes.  Work closely with Guest Relation for VIP assistances. She assists our Sales and Marketing team to translate the website to French and various information/ guest  letter ».


« Paul is a very diligent student and works well with the team. He is taking the internship seriously, takes anintelligent approach to his work is always very punctual and appears to he enjoying his stay in the UK. We are very happy with his progress ».

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